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Our Philosophy

NDIS Help, The Easy Way

The NDIS is complex and confusing yet provides opportunities to access valuable and important services for those living with a disability and their families. To help remove confusion and uncertainty myTherapyChoice provides access to advice on the best way to access and work within the NDIS as a participant. We realise that every case is different, every individual is different and that good advice is essential to taking the stress out of the process and gaining the best possible outcome for the participant. We provide such advice at no cost as we do not want that to be a barrier; whether we are chosen to be the provider of services or not our assistance is provided to gain a better outcome for the participant. We make contacting myTherapyChoice easy as possible with a toll free help line as well as access through our online form.

For those living with a disability and uncertain if they can access support services, we can provide free advice and supporting evidence to maximise the chance that they will be accepted as a participant, and to make the stress involved as little as possible. Where additional evidence is required from other health professionals, we can also provide guidance in that regard. This process includes pre-planning, ensuring that you are fully armed with as much information as possible in order to get a plan that suits your needs and provides comprehensive services.

Maximise Your Current NDIS Plan

Those that have current disability support and services (including an NDIS plan) we can assist in therapy plans and maximising the services they receive in their given budget. For the plans to be maximally effective, we offer these in locations most comfortable for the participant and their family; myTherapyChoice also offers many therapy options that suit the preferences and circumstances of our clients.

We do not believe in complex, wordy service agreements that bind our clients to us; we instead make a plan that we commit to – no specific commitment from the participant is required. We need to ensure that we are providing a service that they value and want to continue with; at myTherapyChoice, we solicit and value any feedback they have.

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