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Choosing Service Providers

How to choose your service providers

MyTherapy Choice specifically provide therapy services and we offer:

• Access to participate in the NDIS – Advice and free reporting to make your application easier and more likely to be successful

• Planning meeting – Advice and free preparation plan for those already accepted as participants to ensure that your budget/plan fits your goals and needs

• Key worker – Allocated health professional assigned to you to help maximize the reach of your plan/budget if it has already been commenced

• Therapy Plan – Formation of a cost effective and comprehensive therapy plan to ensure that you reach your goals based on your individual requirements

• Multi- disciplinary approach – referral to other allied health professionals where required to ensure that a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach is taken to maximise results

• Flexible service delivery – provided at your choice of locations to maximise your comfort levels and the results of the therapy – one of our practices, your home, your school, your work, gym or other facility

• Preference based plan – Therapy plans can be implemented based on activities that not only help reach your goals but also suit your preferences, such as group/individual, hydrotherapy, clinical pilates, gym based

• Below market rates – Our therapy rates are discounted from the NDIS schedule of fees to maximise the reach of your budget

• Equipment trial and prescription – Assessment of equipment needs including trial to ensure that you receive the best outcome from your capital funds

• Ease of service delivery – We do not need you to sign up to a wordy service agreement, we will provide you with a simple service agreement and attached therapy plan and a commitment on what we will provide but you can cease at any time if you choose to.

Your NDIS plan is underway

Once you have signed and returned your Service Agreement/s to your chosen providers, then you will start receiving your NDIS funded supports. Your NDIS plan runs for 12 months. About six weeks before the end of your plan, you will be contacted by the NDIS to schedule a review of your plan and your goals for the year ahead.

If there is a significant change in your life that will require a change in your support before the end of the 12 months, Such as illness, you can contact your NDIS representative and ask for an early review.