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Implementation Process

Once you have received your approved NDIS plan, you will need to go through some steps to implement your plan before you can start using your NDIS funded support.

• Step 1 – Receive your approved plan

• Step 2 – Go online to view your plan at the NDIS participant portal

• Step 3 – Speak with your relevant NDIS representative to help you start using your plan

• Step 4 – Connect with service providers to deliver your supports

• Step 5 – Your NDIS plan is underway

Step 1 – Your NDIS Plan arrives

The first step is that you will receive your approved plan in the mail or by email. You will receive a cover letter and then your detailed plan. Your plan will be based on your discussion with the NDIS representative at your planning meeting. Your need to read your plan and understand your supports. If you need help interpreting your NDIS plan and understand your supports, contact your NDIS representative.

Your NDIS plan will have three main parts:

Part 1- About me: This describes where you live, the people who support you and your daily life.

Part 2- My Goals: This lists the goals you want to work towards in the next 12 months, as well as longer-term goals.

Part 3- My Supports: This section describes your:

• Supports from family and friends (known as informal supports)

• Mainstream supports (i.e. Doctors)

• Funded supports, (which is what the NDIS will pay for). This section describes the support area, the budgeted amount, details and how the support to be paid.

At your NDIS planning meeting you would have been asked how you would like your plan to be managed. This means how you want your service providers and supports to be paid. Your plan will detail how you want each support to be paid for.

Understanding the supports in your plan

Depending on your goals, the funding in your NDIS plan may include:

Core Funding – Funding that covers your functional support needs for daily living and participation, and to access community supports and activities.

Capital Funding – Funding that covers the purchases of one-off items such as equipment, technology or modifications. It also includes funding for specialist disability accommodation.

Capacity Funding – Funding that supports skill building, training, learning, capacity building, accessing employment, improving health and wellbeing, and support coordination.

A ‘stated’ support is a support which must be purchased as described in your NDIS plan, and can’t be swapped for other supports (e.g. Support Coordination). Where a support area in a NDIS plan states “funding may be used flexibly between these supports”, there is some flexibility with how the support area’s funding is used.

What to do if you are not happy with your plan

It is important that you review your plan very carefully to make sure it has all of the support you need. If you are not happy with your plan, you can contact your NDIS representative or the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and discuss there things that you are not happy with. Information about how to do this is on the cover letter with your plan. Or you can go through a review process with the NDIA, called an internal review.

Step 2 – Go Online to view your plan

To look at your plan and manage your support you need to go to the myGov website at my.gov.au and have your myGov username and password ready. If you do not have an account, you can create one for free.

From the myGov website you can then link to your NDIS participant portal called ‘myplace’. This is a secure website where you can view your NDIS plan. The letter that comes with your plan will include an activation code you need to use to access myplace. Your online plan may have more detail than what was sent to you in the plan you got in the mail.

Step 3 – Speak with the relevant NDIS representative to help you implement your plan

At your planning meeting, you would have decided who you want to help you with the next steps to start your plan and start receiving supports.

1. If you have support Coordination funding in your plan, then a Support Coordinator will contact you shortly after you receive your plan to support you to access the myplace portal, source service providers and service agreements, and to provide ongoing support about the NDIS.

2. If your planner was a Local Area Coordinator (LAC), and you are not funded for support coordination, then your LAC can assist you to find providers, access the myplace portal and start using your plan.

3. If your planner was an Early Childhood Partner (ECP), they will work out your child’s support needs, and depending on their needs either:

• Refer your child to mainstream and community services

• Work with you so your child can access the NDIS and to develop your child’s NDIS plan.

Step 4 – Connect with service providers to deliver your supports

You will need to decide who you want to deliver the funded supports in your plan. You get to decide what support you will access and who you will purchase your supports form. With the NDIS you have choice and control over how you spend your funds to achieve your goals.

To continue with your existing service provider, you need to contact them to enter into a Service Agreement before you can start receiving supports with your NDIS funding. To find other providers you could:

• Search the myplace portal listing of NDIS service Provider

• Attend disability events to meet providers

• Search online

• Ask people you know for recommendations.